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All our websites are verified and secure and ensure customer satisfaction and privacy. With us, you can be sure that your money is in safe hands and you can play with peace of mind and express your full potential in the games. we are the biggest and Best ID provider in India.


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We have a wide range of services and have been in this field for the past six years. Having a wide range of satisfied clients we can ensure your privacy and entertainment. We are the cheapest Worldcup 2022 Betting ID provider.

Cricket Betting ID

Various Sessions, Fancy, and Odds are available for your choice with limits from lowest to highest. We also have option for Worldcup ID for Cricket.


A wide range of casino games are available to choose from with no cheating and live play. Best Casino ID Provider in India

Web Panels

Betting Web Panels for Master, Super master, Super are available with competitive price and bonus points.

Teen Patti & More

Games like Teen Patti and more are available to choose and play from with 100% withdrawals.

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Easy Withdrawals

We have wide range of withdrawal options for our clients making it an ease to withdraw your winnings.

24/7 Communication

We are available for support 24 Hrs. a day and 7 Days a week. Your all queries and problems are given priority over everything else.


All your transaction is processed using a secure channel on CBTF Online ID. Our high-grade Security gives our clients ease of mind.

Fearless Gaming

We have the least fluctuation from our competitors during your games to provide you with an optimal gaming experience. Worldcup Betting ID is also an option to pick.

Clients Privacy

None of your Personal Data is stored on our servers. We follow our clients Right to Privacy very strictly.

Genuine Websites

All websites are secure and your money is safe where you put it. The websites listed are verified & fraud-proof with 100% Genuine online betting id.

Providing our clients with trusted service.

Being India Best ID Provider we have top quality and premium website to choose from and there are lot of choices for Games to pick from. We are very picky about the websites listed here and ensure that they are genuine and are free from frauds. our dedication towards our clients give them peace of mind and they can play tension free making them earn more.

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What is CBTF Betting ID?

CBTFSportsBook is one of the best books and best online id provider out there with years of positive feedback, lots of genuine websites, and thousands of happy clients. With more than 40 games to choose from, our clients do not lack ways to make some quick bucks while enjoying the game. All of our sites are completely trustworthy and fully verified which gives the visitors peace of mind and ensures that their money is safe where they have put it. With 24/7 support and easy withdrawals, our client satisfaction is the highest. we give priority to your problems and give it our best to solve them as soon as possible. with a wide range of payment options you wont have to worry if you will be able to receive your withdrawals. All your withdrawals and transactions are made thrugh secure channel keeping in check the security and privacy for our clients. With almost zero fluctuations we are proud to say that your gaming experience will not be ruied and you will be able to enjoy optimal gaming experience. 

We take extra care of the security of our clients and their personal data. All the transactions go through a secure channel and are encrypted for enhanced security. All of our websites are trustworthy and are completely verified for any possible fraud. After rigorously verifying and testing these sites they were deemed trustworthy for our clients and are then posted on this page. Security is the most important factor in today’s world with lots of fakes in the market we ensure that our clients only get the legitimate and top quality services out there.

We deem our clients as the most important and thus prioritize our clients’ problems over everything else.  with a 24*7 conflict resolution center and customer support, we try to resolve any issue as soon as it arises. We are Trusted casino betting id providers and guarantee service satisfaction to each and every client so that there are as less problems as possible and ensure their experience of the service hence resulting in long-term and returning clients.

With a vast range of options, to choose from there has never been a case where the client was not able to withdraw their winnings from their account. With seamless and fast withdrawal processing you can be sure your winnings get credited as soon as possible after applying for withdrawal. The withdrawal process of the site is smooth and fast and there are hardly any hiccups during the process. 100% success of the withdrawals is guaranteed and all our clients are happy with the withdrawal process and speed.

With optimized networks and gateways, we ensure that there is the least fluctuation during clients’ game sessions. Having the best response and the least fluctuation in the market our clients are always happy about their experience and we ensure their optimal gaming experience. All our competitors face a lot of fluctuations during the game resulting in losses and a bad game experience. We ensure that our clients get the latest data and no drops during their games and ensure that they can give their all for ensured winnings and can get the opportunity to show off their skills.

Some of the famous names in the field like Mahadev Online Book and Reddy Anna Exchange are our returning clients and are pretty satisfied with our services.

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Suresh Mathur

"Awesome Services I have been playing on this site for a very long time and their service is awesome."

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"Nice Service and Easy to withdraw. There are lots of games and their listing is really secure"

Rahul Ji

"I am a fan of their withdrawal process it very speedy. they process it within a day and I receive it the next day."

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